Are you looking to hire hard working skilled employees?

We at SYMY Immigration Consultants and Recruitment connect you to hundreds of Bilingual (English and French) candidates to fill many skilled positions under the Francophone Mobility Program. We are professional and licensed recruiters and Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).

We can help you reach workers with the following skills:

  • Painters
  • Truck Drivers
  • Trades persons
  • Cleaning Supervisors
  • Hotel workers
  • Cooks
  • Pastry chefs
  • Food Service Supervisors
  • Skilled supervisors for senior care facilities

The Francophone Mobility Program (FMP) is a new way for filling labor shortages that does not require the employer to obtain an LMIA. It was initiated by the Canadian Government in order to encourage the development of minority language communities outside of Quebec. To maintain the 2016 demographic share of the Francophone population in Canada outside of Quebec, 275,000 new French speaking immigrants would be required by 2036!
The requirements are pretty straight forward; there must be an eligible job offer in a skilled position, and the worker’s habitual language must be French.

The entire process is much easier and faster than the LMIA process and is a welcome change for many employers! 

Some benefits of the Francophone Mobility Program:

  • No CAPS
  • No advertising requirements
  • No lengthy LMIA application (this is an LMIA exempt process!)
  • No Foreign Worker accommodation & travel expense requirements
  • 3 year tied work permits (meaning they can only work for the employer who issues them the job offer)
  • Government fees of only $230 (Employer Compliance) plus $155 (Work Permit Fee)


We invite you to contact us and let us help you find the right workers for your business.