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Temporary Foreign Worker Program


SYMY provides recruiting services to Canadian employers, helping recruit foreign temporary workers and keep them on staff.

SYMY has been working with businesses in various fields for over 15 years, including hospitality, restaurants, the food industry, veterinary services, and IT. 

We cover the entire recruiting cycle:

Needs Assessment 

This includes reviewing the company’s labor needs and challenges, the recruitment process, the available work-immigration options, and the obligations of hiring a foreign worker.

Locating a Suitable Candidate

We work with the employer to understand the position they are looking to fill, including the candidate’s experience and qualifications. 

We work with our top international recruiting partners worldwide to source and vet the best candidates responsibly and ethically. 

We then present the CVs of suitable candidates to the employer and arrange for interviews and any additional information to make sure we found the right worker for the job. 

Obtaining the Work Permits

We help employers navigate the complex processes and programs for recruiting candidates. With LMIA, we conduct advertising, prepare information, collect the required documents to apply, and assist with the ESDC interview until we attain the work permits.

Extending Employment and Conducting Ongoing Management

SYMY helps employers extend work permits in various ways and provides the Canadian government with regular reports, such as annual salary reviews.

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FIVE WAYS to ensure your Temporary Foreign Worker is a good fit

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