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How To Avoid Mistakes When Applying For Immigration To Canada

If you are going to apply for a Temporary Visa, Permanent Residence or Canadian citizenship it is not required that you hire an immigration consultant, however, given the confusing rules and regulations many hopeful Canadians choose to pay a professional for guidance on eligibility requirements and assistance in filing paperwork.

In order to offer Immigration advice, Immigration Consultants must be regulated by the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada (CICC). The CICC is a national regulatory body that serves and protects the public by overseeing licensed immigration and citizenship consulting and international student advising professionals. By law all consultants are required to register with the CICC. To become a member, you have to complete an exam, go through a background check and submit to compliance audits.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are also required to attend a number of hours of training each year to ensure they are up to date on their Immigration knowledge. Immigration Rules and Regulations are constantly changing and it is important that you receive accurate and update to advice.

Unfortunately there are many “ghost consultants” operating outside these rules. Some of them tout “special connections” with government officials and promise prospective clients guaranteed visas or work permits when they know they can’t deliver. It is unfortunate that unsuspecting customers are falling victim to crooked consultants who lack qualifications, fail to file paperwork, or simply take their money and run.

Here at SYMY Immigration Consultants and Recruitment we have a team of 4 regulated consultants.  Our consultants are professional, knowledgeable and we proudly offer the most accurate Immigration advice and guidance.   As a medium-sized company with a large client base, as well as years of experience, we are certain the advice your will receive will not steer you astray.



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