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Citizenship and Immigration Canada issued 779 Invitations To Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence. Successful candidates who received ITAs now have 60 days to submit their complete PR application. CIC claims that once received, a complete PR application will be processed within 6 months or less.

How does it work?

Hopeful candidates for Permanent Residence in Canada must meet the basic requirements and qualify for one of Canada’s four economic immigration programs before being allowed to create an online Express Entry profile.  They must answer questions about their family situation, their education, work history and language capabilities.  Applicants in the Express Entry pool are then ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System, which assigns a point value based on criteria in their profile.  There is also an automatic 600 points awarded for having a valid job offer, backed by a positive LMIA decision.

Who was selected?

In this first draw, each candidate issued an Invitation to Apply scored 886 points or more under the Comprehensive Ranking System.  Since this draw was particularly small, the candidates selected had relatively high scores. The scores of invited applicants was so high (a CRS of 886 was required) that a candidate would have needed a provincial nomination or qualifying job offer in order to be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Those candidates issued their Invitation to Apply now have 60 days to gather the necessary documentation and submit their complete PR application.  Under the new Express Entry system, Citizenship and Immigration Canada quotes processing times for Permanent Residence at 6 months a welcome “Express” pace for many hopeful immigrants.

Didn’t get your Invitation to Apply? What’s next?

CIC has indicated its intention to conduct up to 25 draws this year and plans on meeting its immigration target under the 2015 Immigration plan, which hopes to welcome 180,000 new permanent residents to Canada.  Future draws are expected to occur more frequently and the government is expected to issue a much greater number of invitations to apply to a wider array of candidates in the Express Entry pool.

Don’t have a job offer?

CIC expects that a significant proportion of invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence will be issued to people without job offers from Canadian employers. This is because the job matching facility for Canadian employers is unlikely to be in place for a number of months, yet the Government of Canada aims to admit approximately 180,000 new immigrants in 2015 through the economic immigration programs.

“Keep in mind that what we are working within, in terms of a ceiling, is the admissions target in the immigration plan. So the 180,000 for 2015 is the ceiling that we are working within,” stated a CIC spokesperson at a recent Law Society summit. “We expect that, certainly as of implementation and early days, it will take some time for that employer take-up to happen, so we expect there will be nominees from the province and so those will automatically be pulled from the pool. What we expect in the early days is that the department will be pulling those candidates with the highest scores, even though they don’t have job offers, because we need to be looking at meeting those admissions targets for the economic classes.’

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